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Consultant Attorney (Called to Bar 2009)

Cheyenne Keirnan

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Cheyenne is a qualified US lawyer with criminal trial experience who works as a consultant to the firm. Cheyenne’s work for the firm is focused on the largest and most complex cases, those requiring input from a number of lawyers. 

After completing her Undergraduate Studies at the University of New Mexico (B.A. - Psychology & Criminology, magna cum laude, 2005) Cheyenne attended law school at Gonzaga University School of Law (J.D. 2009). Cheyenne’s legal career commenced at a busy and well reputed defence practice in Spokane, Washington State. Cheyenne also worked as an assistant district attorney, in Farmington, New Mexico, where her efforts earned an award reflecting the improvement to her department’s success rate in Court.

Cheyenne moved to London in 2011 and has worked with this firm since her arrival. Along with her relaxed and direct American approach, Cheyenne brings an exceptional eye for detail to any case and has a formidable memory. There is no division between barristers and solicitors in the US, and Cheyenne is therefore a fusion of the two roles.

Cheyenne remains a member of the Bar in the state of New Mexico and continues to work for US company, Legal Research Pros (“LRP”).  LRP provides legal research and drafting expertise to other attorneys (much as a barrister may support a solicitor’s work here).  Cheyenne’s experience gained through LRP has expanded to include both civil and criminal matters - in a variety of US jurisdictions – state and federal.  

If you are a law firm and you require guidance as to the law in the United States you may wish to contact Legal Research Pros with whom we have an association.  You can contact them here: legalresearchpros.

Recent Notable Cases:

Assisting SGK with:

  • 2018  FCA v T&T  Norwich Crown Court (ongoing)
    Representing a company and its directors in an FCA investigation and parallel criminal proceedings for conspiracy to defraud. The allegations concern the alleged improper use of millions of pounds of investors’ funds in breach of FCA regulations and conspiracy to defraud charges.
  • 2017  R v   C & B  Kingston Crown Court
    Successful defence of two men accused of conspiracy to launder more than £50million of drug money through a money transfer office. The manager and compliance officer of the company were both acquitted notwithstanding their filmed movement of the cash sums on motor bikes through London without the required AML record keeping.
  • 2016  R v H  Birmingham Crown Court
    Represented the lead defendant in a tax fraud case involving government incentives to bolster the British film industry, said to have been devised, marketed and operated in order to cheat the public revenue in the sum of £125 million.  The combination of celebrity investors, tax schemes and the British film industry attracted significant publicity. The Judge was persuaded to dismiss the case at the close of the prosecution case but this decision was over-ruled by the Court of Appeal. The defendant was eventually convicted after a four week jury deliberation. He received a sentence falling significantly below the current sentencing guidelines.


  • 2018 – Client v. Defendants - United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
    Drafted successful motion to dismiss appeal for lack of federal appellate court jurisdiction in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. After the plaintiff had prevailed at the trial court level against multiple defendants, one defendant sought appellate review on several grounds, many of which threatened a substantial underlying verdict. Plaintiff successfully argued that the appellate court lacked jurisdiction over the defendant.
  • 2017 – Client v. Defendants - State of New Jersey Superior Court
    Successfully compelled bank, who was also a creditor of defendant, to turnover funds to satisfy judgment in favor of client, notwithstanding that bank claimed to have a priority lien on the funds. 
  • 2015 – Client v. Defendants - United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
    Drafted successful appellate brief in the federal appellate court jurisdiction in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversing grant of summary judgment in favor of defendants in a wrongful death cause of action, where defendant, a police officer, had used excessive force which resulted in death. Court of Appeals remanded to trial court for trial on the merits.
  • 2014 – Client v. Defendants - United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.
    Successfully argued against motion for attorneys’ fees, in which defendants, who had prevailed at trial, sought in excess of $200,000 in attorneys’ fees. Based on briefing, Court rejected request for attorneys’ fees in its entirety.

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