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Consutant/HCA (Admitted 1987)

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Daniel was one of the founding partners of the firm in 1999 and now acts as a consultant to the firm. He was one of the first solicitors to be granted Higher Rights of Audience in 1993 and conducts a wide range of cases in the Crown Court where he has gained a reputation as a skilful trial advocate. Daniel also appears regularly in the appellate courts and has had notable success in challenging both convictions and sentences.

As a duty solicitor, Daniel also advises at police stations bringing a wealth of experience from the trial to the police station, and vice versa. This dual front-line role at both the start and end of a case allows for an in depth understanding of the interplay between decisions made in the police station and the court process.

He has been a ranked lawyer in the Chambers and Partners directory and advises others within the firm on all matters of law and trial preparation.

“Daniel Kersh has a strong reputation in the market. He has recently handled complex murder and drugs cases” – Chambers Directory 2015

"His style is clear, concise and straight to the point" - Chambers Directory 2013

Client feedback:

“Daniel went above and beyond the call. Excellent service”

“Daniel Kersh is the best criminal lawyer I have ever had experience with and I would highly recommend him to anybody”

His recent notable cases include:

  • 2016  R v A  Maidstone Crown Court (ongoing)
    Representing (as advocate) one of 10 defendants accused of robbing inhabitants of a travellers’ site in Kent and threatening them with firearms and knives.
  • 2016 R v T Southwark Crown Court (ongoing)
    Representing (as advocate) an employee of Harrods accused of the theft of thousands of items from the store over a 6 year period which he then sold on eBay, making an estimated profit of over £200,000.
  • 2016 R v M Southwark Crown Court
    Represented (as advocate) client accused of a frenzied knife point robbery. After successful legal argument the case was abandoned on the third day of trial.
  • 2016 R v D  Blackfriars Crown Court
    Represented (as advocate) one of two men accused of raping and falsely imprisoning a young woman after she met them on a night out in Camden.
  • 2015  R v J  St Albans Crown Court
    Represented (as advocate) a Bajan National accused of providing inside knowledge, from her position as a cleaner for an elderly couple, to her relatives who then conducted a vicious aggravated burglary on the home. The defendant was the only one acquitted, following a 2 week trial, whilst the rest of her co-defendants received sentences of between 13 and 18 years imprisonment.
  • 2015  R v M  Luton Crown Court
    Represented (as advocate) a defendant involved in an alleged importation of 33 tonnes of cannabis into the UK from Holland in which the defendant was said to have played a leading role. The Organised Crime Division of the CPS have stated that this case ‘…may be one of the biggest and longest running conspiracies to import cannabis ever prosecuted, if not the biggest’.
  • 2014  R v N  Blackfriars Crown Court
    Represented (as advocate) a defendant charged with bigamy, having by fraud obtained a decree absolute (he had falsified his wife’s signature on the acknowledgement of service form), and then married a Chinese woman significantly younger than him. He was also charged with facilitating the illegal entry of a foreign national as he sponsored her for a spousal visa. Both elements were challenged and, after substantial legal argument, we were able to show that the decree absolute, however obtained, could not be overturned in the criminal court and that he could not be guilty of bigamy. In relation to the illegal entry matter, we were able to show that the relationship was genuine.  The defendant ultimately pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of falsifying a document and received a non-custodial sentence.
  • 2014  R v R  Blackfriars Crown Court
    Represented (as advocate) an alleged member of a group describing themselves as "urban explorers", accused of conspiracy to gain illegal entry to restricted access to public areas, including high security vaults and the London Underground Network. Following successful legal argument for an abuse of process, the prosecution offered no evidence on the 9th day of trial, and the client was acquitted.
  • 2014  R v C  Southwark Crown Court
    Represented (as advocate) a defendant involved in a high value boiler room fraud involving non-existent diamonds.
  • 2014  Erikkson v SK  Royal Courts of Justice
    Represented defendant (as litigator), a financial advisor to the former England football manager, Sven-Goran Erikkson, who faced a custodial sentence for an alleged breach of a Freezing Order. Following representations, matter concluded by way of an agreed Consent Order, with no further punitive sanction imposed.
  • 2013 R v D Southwark Crown Court
    Represented (as advocate) a defendant accused with others of kidnap and extortion of a Hong Kong businessman.
  • 2013 R v L Central Criminal Court
    Represented (as advocate) a defendant accused of murdering his grandmother. Defence of diminished responsibility argued on his behalf.
  • 2013  R v W Newcastle Crown Court
    Represented defendant (as advocate) in largest class A drug haul in the North East.
  • 2012  R v H Harrow Crown Court
    Successful representation (as advocate) of cab driver accused of deliberately causing first degree burns to a work colleague.
  • 2012  R v B  Kingston Upon Thames Crown Court
    Representation (as advocate) of an armed robber involved in numerous heists around south west London.

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