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Harry Grayson

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Harry has been practising in the London Courts for over 25 years where he has built up a considerable reputation for his advocacy skills and his caring and considerate approach towards his clients, particularly those who are vulnerable. He appears on a daily basis in the Magistrates and Crown Courts, where he conducts jury trials and complex sentencing hearings, often for mentally ill defendants which involves him working closely with psychiatrists in the preparation of reports and the presentation of medical evidence in Court. He has also appeared in the Court of Appeal.

Although based in London, Harry frequently travels to represent clients in other parts of the country, including recently the Crown Courts in Swindon, Preston, Ipswich, Oxford, Hull and Hove.

Harry is particularly experienced in extradition law and has been recognised by Chambers and Partners as a ranked lawyer in this field.

Harry Grayson "…knows [extradition] law very well and has a broad skill set. He has such a breadth of experience that he can foresee potential problems and head them off early. He has the ability to be creative in his arguments and pragmatic when the case or client requires."
Chambers and Partners 2019

Barristers report that Harry Grayson is "very dedicated and very empathetic to his clients." He is highly regarded for his representation of vulnerable defendants, whether at the Magistrates' Court, the Crown Court or the Court of Appeal
Chambers and Partners 2018

"Harry Grayson heads the extradition department at Shaw Graham Kersh and is noted for his expert representation of often vulnerable clients. Sources commend the "great deal of experience" he brings to cases, noting that he's "really knowledgeable and engaged in the issues."
Chambers and Partners 2017

Client feedback:

"Harry…covered every base and then some.  The outcome of the case was far better than anyone predicted, largely due to the efforts of Harry gathering information".

"I feel my solicitor, Harry Grayson, was outstanding and I truly appreciate all his hard work"

"Mr Grayson is outstanding and he is a great asset to your organisation"

His recent notable cases include:


Landmark cases of:

  • 2020 E v Romania Divisional Court
    Judgment awaited in case involving argument as to dual criminality and expected to set the parameters on specialty protection in Romania.
  • 2017 B v Romania Divisional Court
    Appealing an extradition order on behalf of a Romanian national in a test case involving Romanian prison conditions being incompatible with Article 3 ECHA, following which all people extradited to Romania now require individual assurances over the conditions in which they will be held, failing which they will be discharged.
  • 2014  H v South Africa  Administrative Court
    A recent leading authority on assurances given by the South African Government concerning the conditions of detention for returning prisoners.
  • 2013  Poland v Z  UK Supreme Court
    A case which set new law on the validity of European Arrest Warrants.
  • 2013  A and B v Hungary  Administrative Court
    A case in which Lord Justice Moses laid down new guidance on the application of Article 8 of ECHR in proceedings involving the extradition of parents with dependent children.


  • 2016  R v A  Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court
    Successful defence of a Pentecostal Pastor accused of assaulting a vulnerable resident in a care home where he worked as a care assistant.
  • 2015  P v R  Court of Appeal
    Acted for a young woman with a personality disorder who received an Indeterminate Sentence for arson in 2007 under which she is still detained, and who sought to challenge her continued detention under Judicial Review and in the Court of Appeal as part of a wider challenge on behalf of IPP prisoners who are still incarcerated many years past their minimum tariff.    
  • 2014  R v E  Isleworth Crown Court
    Successful defence (as both litigator and advocate) of an attendee at the Notting Hill carnival accused of biting a police officer where the trial judge, following acquittal, commented that the officers concerned should be “spoken to” about their conduct.  

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