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  • 2016 R v H Representing one of a number of defendants in a complex conspiracy involving the alleged grooming and rape of vulnerable young complainants.
  • 2016 R v S  Representing one of two defendants charged with an alleged gang related murder and attempted murder in 2013.
  • 2016 R v B  Representing a young woman accused of perjury and perverting the course of justice by allegedly making false allegations of rape and sexual assault
  • 2016 R v U & L Representing two of six defendants accused of conspiracy to evade duty on cigarettes following an investigation by HMRC into cigarette smuggling on a mass scale involving 2 million cigarettes and an estimated loss to the revenue of up £2.4 million.
  • 2016 R v Y Representing a defendant charged with conspiracy to import firearms following a joint investigation by Operation Trident of the Metropolitan police, German authorities and the American authorities following the purchase of firearm components on the dark web.  It is alleged by police that this defendant is the biggest importer of firearms in the UK.
  • 2016 R v B Allegation of fraud worth £12.5 million said to have been conducted against a Russian oligarch by the chief executive of his UK based asset management company.
  • 2016 R v C  Currently defending a male charged following an undercover investigation which revealed ‘fake sitters’ being paid to take Home Office exams that allowed people in the UK to extend their stay. The investigation was the subject of ‘Panorama’, and the trial is set to last at least 12 weeks in 2016.
  • 2016 R v T Representing one of 7 defendants charged with  conspiracy to facilitate breaches of UK immigration law in a case of ‘reverse trafficking’ migrants out of the UK. The case centres on a sting investigation by The Sun newspaper in which journalists posed as people who wanted to be trafficked, one indicating he wished to travel to Syria to fight for Islamic State.
  • 2016 R v H  Successful defence of a male of good character who faced historic allegations of rape and indecent assault by his step daughter.
  • 2015 R v C Represented a defendant acquitted of Islamic State inspired terrorist activities
  • 2015 R v H Represented the lead defendant in multi million pound tax avoidance fraud relating to the film industry
  • 2016 R v M Represented one of four students acquitted of serious sexual allegations arising from events at an agricultural college’s Summer Ball
  • 2015 R v A-R  Represented a member of a middle eastern royal family on charges of assault which included sensitive issues relating to diplomatic immunity. Successfully persuaded the Crown to discontinue following lengthy representations.
  • 2015 R v A Successful representation of a defendant accused of a gangland murder in the Dagenham area
  • 2015 R v B Multi handed conspiracy to defraud victims using ‘boiler room’ fraud tactics to sell non-existent diamonds. Defendant acquitted after 6 week trial
  • 2015 R v B Successful representation of fruit importer accused of large scale cannabis importations
  • 2015 R v M Representation of defendant accused of importation of approximately three tonnes of cannabis, spanning a 2 year period. Described by the CPS as ‘’one of the biggest and longest running conspiracies to import cannabis ever prosecuted, if not the biggest’’
  • 2015 R v J Successful representation of carer accused of providing inside information to members of her family who then carried out a serious aggravated burglary upon the premises. Co-defendants received sentences upwards of 13 years
  • 2015 R v P Successful defence of a former headteacher accused of historic abuse of pupils in a residential school for boys with behavioural difficulties. The case involved over 100 witnesses and a concurrent multi million pound civil claim against the County Council
  • 2015 R v L Representation of several defendants accused of conspiracy to kidnap, falsely imprison and blackmail victim who was held for 20 hours and burnt with an iron and had firearm held to his head.
  • 2015 R v S Represented father accused of child cruelty leading to death of his infant child. The case involved testimony from the the country’s leading pathologists, radiologists and geneticists regarding the cause and effect of the injuries sustained
  • 2014 R v AN Successful representation of a defendant accused of historic familial sexual abuse, including allegations of podophilia (foot fetishism)
  • 2014 R v F Represented defendant in a widely reported case involving the murder and attempted murder of sex workers in Central London
  • 2014 R v K Successful representation of businessman accused of importation of over 100kg of cocaine, through his custom clearing operation. The original trial lasted for 5 months, at the conclusion of which, the firm made a successful abuse of process application, which resulted in the acquittal of the client. The client was the only Director not to face retrial
  • 2014 R v S-A Only defendant acquitted in relation to a gang murder of a teenager in Pimlico. The 5 remaining defendants convicted of murder received life terms with minimum tariffs of 26 and 27 years
  • 2014 R v W Represented defendant accused of being involved in largest ever supply of cocaine in the North East of England. An agreed Basis of Plea resulted in a significantly reduced sentence and confiscation amount
  • 2014 R v R Represented an alleged member of a group describing themselves as ‘urban explorers’ accused of conspiracy to gain illegal entry to restricted access to public areas, including high security vaults and the London Underground Network. Following successful legal argument for an abuse of process, the prosecution offered no evidence and the defendant was acquitted
  • 2013 R v S Successful representation of a defendant allegedly involved along with 8 others in a conspiracy to rape a teenage girl. Following repeated requests for disclosure, the Crown offered no evidence on the third day of trial at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), resulting in the client’s acquittal
  • 2013 R v M Successfully defended the principal defendant in a Serious Fraud Office prosecution for conspiracy to defaud, relating to the investment of over £50 million pounds of pension funds
  • 2013 CPS v B Persuaded Crown Prosecution Service to discontinue proceedings against comedian who entered the field of play during a premier league football match
  • 2013 R v L Represented defendant accused of murdering his grandmother. Defence of diminished responsibility advanced on his behalf
  • 2013 R v R Represented a member of notorious hacking group 'Anonymous' in connection with cyber attacks on publically listed companies
  • 2012 R v B Represented the defendantthe murder of her two children, involving complex psychiatric issues and delicate handling
  • 2012 R v B Represented defendant against whom the Crown sought a retrial as an exception to the double jeopardy rule following a "cold case review" and the emergence of fresh evidence (with Bernard Carnell, consultant)
  • 2012 R v M Defending the principal defendant in a Serious Fraud Office prosecution for conspiracy to defraud, relating to the investment of over £50 million pounds of pension funds
  • 2012 R v R Successful representation of principal defendant in a case involving the supply of Class A drugs and possession of firearms in which earlier guilty pleas had been successfully vacated. Client acquitted of all charges