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Peter Walsh

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Peter is an experienced accredited police station advisor and case worker. He is an integral member of the general crime team having been with the firm since 1999.  Through his commitment and personal attention to his clients Peter has built up an impressive and loyal following. This is demonstrated by the consistency with which clients reinstruct him on other matters and recommend him to those they care about.

His practice covers the full breadth of criminal offences, but he mainly specialises in serious crime involving violence and drugs. He has significant experience dealing with matters investigated by the Murder Team, National Crime Agency, Organised Cirme Command, local borough Gang Units and those investigated by the Operation Trident Gang Command based at New Scotland Yard and the Flying Squad.  He is trusted by young offenders who rely on him to guide them and their families through complex criminal proceedings.

Peter regularly advises those seeking to have their convictions overturned or their sentence reduced, and is unfazed by the amount of time or care any particular case may demand.

Client feedback:

"Peter was brilliant, couldn’t have asked for a better [lawyer]. He made me feel comfortable, was dedicated and put my family and I at ease. It was easy to contact even outside office hours"

"I know a good lawyer when I get one. Peter Walsh was excellent - will recommend - keep up the good work!"

"Easy going and easy to work with. Offered me the best advice"

His recent notable cases include:

  • 020  R v S Maidstone Crown Court (Ongoing)
    Year-long conspiracy to supply class B drugs following observation evidence and mobile phone attribution relating to the movements of defendants moving from various properties in Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire including commercial premises where cannabis was being grown for onward supply.
  • 2020  R v I Snaresbrook Crown Court (Ongoing)
    Conspiracy to supply class A drugs following an undercover police operation. In excess of 40,000 pages of evidence served. Modern Slavery/duress issues raised.
  • 2020  R v M  Criminal Cases Review Commission (Ongoing)
    Advising in a referral to the CCRC following a conviction for gang related murder in 2009. This matter is being investigated and witnesses traced and interviewed in anticipation of a submission to the CCRC with assistance of junior counsel and QC.
  • 2020  R v G Wood Green Crown Court
    Acted for defendant in conspiracy to supply class A drugs and conspiracy to manage a brothel following a surveillance operation. Client pleaded guilty to managing a brothel but denied, and was acquitted of, conspiracy to supply class A drugs following a 10-week trial. The case attracted extensive media attention given the involvement of a former England Rugby captain.
  • 2019  R v S & S Central Criminal Court
    Represented two defendants (cousins) charged with 2 others in 9-week gang murder in which the victim was shot with a sawn-off shotgun at point blank range. This case centred on mobile phone evidence and evidence from a car tracking device that was being driven by one of the defendants. Both defendants acquitted of murder and manslaughter. One of these defendants was the same defendant in the 2017 gang murder at the Central Criminal Court for which he was also acquitted.
  • 2019  R v A Ipswich Crown Court
    Defendant charged with murder of gang member following a drug ‘turf war’ with two groups in Ipswich area. Case involved mobile phone, DNA, Pathologist instruction to examine blunt force trauma and car tracking evidence. The victim was stabbed 13 times in close proximity within yards of his home address.
    2018  R v S Snaresbrook Crown Court
  • Defendant charged with possession of 2 sawn off shotguns which were found in a car. Not guilty pleas were entered and the case was prepared for trial. Following requests for disclosure the Crown refused to disclose material and offered no evidence.
  • 2018  R v D  Kingston Crown Court
    Represents one defendant in a multi-handed allegation of conspiracy to supply class A drugs. This involves an Organsied Crime Command investigation over a 14 month period which resulted in the seizure of over 100 kilos of cocaine and hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash, with in excess of 100,000 pages of evidence served. The Crown asserted that given the activities of members in this conspiracy meant that in excess of one tonne of cocaine was supplied. This case centred on the use of encrypted devices known as Encrochat, PGP and BQ Aquarius devices which have security features which are difficult to bypass.
  • 2018  R v L  Snaresbrook Crown Court
    Represents one of 7 defendants charged with a ‘county line’ conspiracy to supply class A drugs following a Trident Gang Command proactive investigation over 9 months. It is alleged by police that drug line is controlled from London and drug deals are done in Ipswich area.
  • 2018  R v M  Kingston Crown Court
    Undercover operation by the National Crime Agency into money laundering offences, the allegation being that over £1,000,000 was transferred through accounts with links to Pakistan. Approximately £300,000 seized on arrests.
  • 2018  R v H  Snaresbrook Crown Court
    Representing one of 29 defendants charged with perverting the course of justice.  The case centres on defendants who had been made subject to a tag allegedly paying a dishonest EMS (tagging company) employee to alter their tags, thus allowing them to be out of their premises when they should be at home abiding by their curfews.
  • 2018  R v A  Luton CC
    Represented a defendant charged with aggravated burglary, robbery, administering a noxious substance and possession of an offensive weapon. It was alleged a London gang travelled to Luton to rob a ‘cannabis factory’ on a residential street in Luton, with the grower who was present being sprayed with ammonia. The defendant was acquitted of all offences apart from possession of an offensive weapon.
  • 2017  R v A & Others  Snaresbrook Crown Court 
    9 handed conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life. Officers from the Met’s Trident Gang Command carried out a ‘preservation of life’ raid at an address where an Uzi machine gun and handgun which were thrown from a 6th floor balcony. It was alleged that this find related to an ongoing gang feud in which there had been 9 firearm related incidents since May 2016. Peter was instructed by a number of number of defendants in this case and was also instructed in relation to the earlier firearm incidents mentioned.
  • 2017  R v U & L  Blackfriars Crown Court
    Represented two of six defendants accused of conspiracy to evade duty on cigarettes, following an investigation by HMRC into cigarette smuggling on a mass scale involving 2 million cigarettes and an estimated loss to the revenue of up £2.4 million.
  • 2017  R v S & C  Central Criminal Court
    Successful defence of two defendants in a multi-handed case charged with alleged gang murder and attempted murder in 2013. The second defendant was the first ever suspect to be extradited from St Lucia to the UK. During the process the UK government had to ensure that the evidence obtained against the defendant was not used against him any trial in St Lucia as St Lucia still has the death penalty for the offence of murder.
  • 2016  R v C  Southwark Crown Court
    Defended a male charged following an undercover investigation which revealed ‘fake sitters’ being paid to take Home Office exams that allowed people in the UK to extend their stay. The investigation was the subject of ‘Panorama’.
  • 2016  R v T  Isleworth Crown Court
    Represented one of 9 defendants charged with conspiracy to facilitate breaches of UK immigration law, in a case of ‘reverse trafficking’ migrants out of the UK. The case centred on a sting investigation by The Sun newspaper in which journalists posed as people who wanted to be trafficked, one indicating he wished to travel to Syria to fight for Islamic State.
  • 2016  R v H  Isleworth Crown Court
    Successful defence of a male of good character who faced historic allegations of rape and indecent assault by his step daughter.
  • 2015  R v A & H  St Albans Crown Court
    Represented 2 defendants in a 9 handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs from London to a number of other towns and cities. The operation led to the largest ever seizure of individually wrapped drugs. The group were also allegedly responsible for the kidnap of a worker who lost a consignment of drugs.
  • 2015 R v K & K  Maidstone Crown Court
     Represented husband and wife in a cross county 12 handed conspiracy to supply cocaine, the allegation involving 35 kilos, with £280,000 seized in cash at their home address.  The husband pleaded guilty on the basis of his involvement in the supply of 5 kilos, with his wife acquitted of her involvement in the conspiracy.
  •  2015  R v L  Central Criminal Court
    Ten handed conspiracy to kidnap, falsely imprison and blackmail where the victim was held for 20 hours during which time he was stripped naked, burnt with an iron and had a firearm held to his head. A demand for £100,000 was then made to the victim’s family. Following two trials resulting in hung juries the Crown, unusually, applied for a third trial to be held.  This application was successfully opposed and the case was stayed.
  • 2014  R v F  Inner London Crown Court
    Represented a juvenile accused of possessing a firearm and possessing cannabis with intent to supply.  It was alleged by an experienced detective from the Gangs Unit that the defendant threw a black bag from a first floor window containing a sawn off shotgun and several shot gun cartridges. The jury took only 45 minutes to acquit.
  • 014  R v A  Sheffield Crown Court
    Six handed conspiracy to cultivate and supply £3 million worth of cannabis. Following negotiations with the prosecution the defendant pleaded guilty to an alternative charge of burglary resulting in a significantly lower sentence.
  • 013  R v M  Lewes Crown Court
    Represented a defendant accused of the attempted murder of his 6 ½ month pregnant girlfriend, dealt with by the Serious Crime Directorate at Sussex police.
  • 2013  R v S  Snaresbrook Crown Court
    Nine handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in which the Operation Trident Gangs Command Unit led an investigation to target gangs of suspected drug dealers in the East End of London.
  • 2013  R v S  Central Criminal Court
    Acquittal secured in a nine handed conspiracy to commit rape. This was a case in which significant electronic evidence was served, including mobile phone evidence and cell site expert analysis. Following a concerted effort to compel further disclosure from the Crown of evidence from social media in which it was suspected the complainant had undermined her allegation, the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence 3 days into the trial.
  • 2012  R v D  Central Criminal Court
    Represented a defendant in an eight handed murder in a makeshift nightclub a matter of yards from Ilford police station following rival gangs attending the same venue.

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