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Sonia Weaver

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Sonia is an experienced paralegal having joined the firm in 2000 and has been an accredited police station representative since 2001. Sonia runs her own general crime caseload, dealing with both private and legal aid matters, as well as providing key assistance to the Partners in the overall management of the firm.

Sonia has excellent focus and attention to detail, a thorough and determined approach to case preparation, sound judgement and is a tenacious and passionate defender of her clients’ rights. Clients find Sonia approachable and informative and she is particularly understanding of clients facing personal difficulties arising from their cases.  Her high standard of client care has led to a loyal client base and many referrals from clients and other lawyers.

Her notable cases include securing acquittals in cases of conspiracy to traffic persons for sexual exploitation, death by dangerous driving, high value frauds and money laundering, serious assaults, sexual assaults and rape, and the successful defence of an Olympic athlete charged with assault. 

Client feedback:

"Thank you for everything you have done for us…the impact of your work and dedication to which you do daily has given us our lives back".

"Thank you so much for your tireless efforts and meticulous attention to detail in this case…Whatever the outcome, you have been amazing".

Her recent notable cases include:

  • 2020  R v H  Kingston Crown Court (ongoing)
    Representing a female defendant of good character accused of s.18 wounding with intent after ‘glassing’ another female on a nightclub dancefloor.
  • 2020  R v H  Maidstone Crown Court
    With Raymond Shaw, represented a man facing a retrial for allegedly raping his partner.  He had been convicted at his original trial when represented by another firm, that conviction being overturned at the Court of Appeal following our submissions over serious issues with regard to his original representation. The jury took an hour to acquit him at his retrial. 
  • 2020  R v B  Swindon CC
    Achieved a sentence of 2y10m for a defendant with previous convictions for significant conspiracy to supply class A drugs offences accused of further similar ‘county lines’ offences. Careful assessment of the evidence hugely reduced the nature and scope of the offences such that limited pleas were accepted by the CPS and the sentence passed was a fraction of that originally faced.
  • 2020  Met Police  v  B
    Represented a nurse accused of sexually assaulting her neighbour’s children. Investigation closed after the children admitted inventing the allegations, leaving significant trauma in their wake.
  • 2020  R v M  Winchester CC
    Represented a defendant who pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply class A drugs in a ‘county lines’ case.  The CPS provided ‘expert’ witness evidence estimating the value of the conspiracy many times over what the evidence suggested.  A thorough assessment of the evidence and detailed Basis of Plea reducing the value was accepted by the sentencing judge without the need either for a defence expert witness or contested Newton hearing.  
  • 2019  R v H  Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court
    Represented a non-UK national accused of sexually assaulting a fellow passenger on a plane flying into the UK.
  • 2019  R v M  Southwark Crown Court
    Secured a rare suspended sentence for a client who admitted perverting the course of justice by providing another driver’s details when stopped by the police for a minor driving offence, that other person having faced trial as a result.
  • 2018  CPS v A  Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court
    The defendant in this matter, an elderly man of good character, had previously been represented by another firm who had advised him to plead guilty to an Identity Documents Act offence.  The case was transferred to this firm prior to sentencing where that advice was found to be flawed and an application to re-open plea was made and granted.   The CPS thereafter offered no evidence against the defendant who came very close to being sentenced for an offence which did not exist in law, the previous solicitor, the police, CPS and District Judge all overlooking a key fact.
  • 2018  R v M  Isleworth Crown Court
    Represented a 79 year old woman of good character charged with arson with intent to endanger life after she deliberately set fire to a block of flats in the early hours following a dispute with her landlord.
  • 2018  R v K  Kingston Crown Court
    Client acquitted of s.18 GBH at trial, receiving a suspended sentence for the the less serious s.20 offence of unlawful wounding to which he had earlier pleaded guilty following a fight in which a fellow student’s jaw was broken.
  • 2018  R v WF  Maidstone Crown Court
    Successfully persuaded the sentencing judge not to impose a “3rd strike” 7 year minimum sentence for serious drug trafficking offences due to the personal circumstances of the defendant.
  • 2018 Met Police v  M  
    Represented a mother under police investigation for the suspected “baby shaking syndrome” death of her son.
  • 2018  R v K  Isleworth Crown Court
    With Philip Hill, represented a man accused of stalking TV presenter Christine Lampard.
  • 2018  R v S & F  Swindon Crown Court
    With Paul Graham, represented two of a number of defendants accused of a large scale “county lines” drug supply conspiracy, including the man said to be the overall leader of the conspiracy.
  • 2017 R v B  Southwark Crown Court
    Represented a young woman accused of perjury and perverting the course of justice by making multiple false allegations of rape and sexual assault in a case attracting widespread national (and international) attention.
  • 2016  R v F  Kingston Crown Court
    Successful defence of a step-father accused of GBH and child cruelty to his 18 month old step-daughter following a complex and lengthy investigation by the police and Family Court. This followed an acquittal several monthly previously at the same court of assault allegations against the child’s mother in which she had accused the defendant of causing the miscarriage of their unborn child, defence requests for her medical records showing that she had, in fact, had an elective abortion.
  • 2015 R v N & N Wood Green Crown Court
    Represented two brothers accused of wounding with intent following an alleged reprisal attack in a family feud where the complainant was stabbed on a busy street in broad daylight.  Guilty pleas to alternative offences and exceptional personal mitigation on behalf of one of the brothers resulted in one significantly reduced custodial sentence and one suspended sentence.
  • 2015  R v H  Woolwich Crown Court
    Successful defence on the basis of consent of a young man of good character accused of raping his ex-girlfriend.
  • 2015  R v R  Wood Green Crown Court
    Represented a juvenile defendant accused of s.18 wounding with intent where two men had allegedly rushed into a house from behind her and assaulted the occupants with weapons causing serious injuries.  Client acquitted following a successful submission of ‘no case to answer’ on the basis there was no evidence of a joint enterprise with the two unknown assailants.
  • 2014  R v A  Southwark Crown Court
    Represented the first of nine defendants in a large scale conspiracy to launder money and supply multiple kilos of class A and B drugs with an estimated street value of over £1.6 million.
  • 2014  R v W  Southwark Crown Court
    Represented a prolific commercial burglar and successfully persuaded the court to impose a non-custodial sentence despite 26 previous similar offences.
  • 2013  R v W  Newcastle Crown Court
    Represented the fourth of four defendants in what was believed to be the largest single seizure of cocaine in the North East. Despite being joined to the case several months after the first three defendants which resulted in a much shorter period to prepare, swift case preparation and realistic advice resulted in this defendant being the only one to receive full credit for his guilty pleas.  In subsequent confiscation proceedings the alleged £11 million benefit figure was successfully reduced to £400,000.
  • 2013  R v H  Maidstone Crown Court
    Represented a defendant serving a life sentence for murder who was accused of absconding from lawful custody by walking out of an open prison.  Minimal custodial sentence passed, despite similar previous offences, due to mitigating circumstances.
  • 2013  R v A  Luton Crown Court
    Represented one of seven defendants charged with conspiracy to defraud in what the Crown Prosecution Service described as a “sophisticated inheritance scam” worth over £300,000.  Successfully reduced the charges to reflect the defendant’s limited involvement.
  • 2012  R v M  Southwark Crown Court
    Successful defence of a mother accused of child cruelty by feeding her diabetic child sugar, causing emergency admission to hospital, when it became evident that the mother was being blamed for the actions of the child himself.
  • 2012  R v S  Central Criminal Court
    Represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to defraud by use of ‘transaction reversal fraud’ at ATMs, initially valued at over £500,000 over a one year period. Successful reduction of offences to those committed over one evening with a value under £3,000.

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